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Thread: Flies tied per fish caught.....

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    Awwwwww.......just when I was beginning to believe you guys knew what you were talking about you lead me up the garden path

    I'm pretty sure Kev has the fish ID'd correctly with that Fishbase thing though.

    Definitely Sarda Sarda as opposed to our Sarda Australis.

    Cheers guys for the effort.

    Apologies too for hijacking the initial thread with my Katonkel question

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppernel View Post

    Katonkel is the AFR. for King mackerel.

    Langvin- tuna. Albakoor.- ENG. Longfin tuna.--Albacore.
    Hey Dave, I'm really not looking to get into a pissing contest as you say, I just find the different common names given to the same species very interesting. The only way to avoid all confusion is to use the latin names, pain in the arse that it is.

    The king mackerel referred to above I would guess to be Scomberomorus commerson, also know as the Couta or Katonkel in SA.

    Interesting that both Sarda Sarda and Scomberomorus commerson are called katonkel. Way to cause confusion.
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    Don't drip on your shoes boys!

    Down the eastern cape way 'cuta were called Katonkel when they showed up sporadically in days gone by. So was sarda sarda.

    It was probably just another fish that resembled something the guys saw before and hence that name. Otherwise probably refered to as a fish.

    Same guys that name their dogs all DOG!

    So who really cares?

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    Default katonkel

    The "Katonkel" I was refering to were definatley Sarda sarda
    Fantastic fun on a 6 or 8 Wt

    What ever you do never confuse Fishing With catching Fish !!!!
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    Hey Damage

    What are you going to do when you are out at sea, drilling the katonkels on a light rod and Mr Yellowtail decides to eat your fly. I'm keen to use a 7wt for katonkel, but in the past (Struis), using conventional tackle, we never could say what's going to grab that rapala next.

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    Yes Conrad, that is always in the back of my mind as well.

    Another example, the De Mond leeries will be great fun with 5 - 7wt rod BUT I saw a picture of 60kg cob that came out of that river. Now imagine you standing with your 5wt and this beast takes your fly

    I have personally seen a cob come up for a fly on the lift for cast while I was catching leeries at De Mond and believe me they give you a rush of adrenalin

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