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Thread: Cape Town area tips

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    Default Cape Town area tips

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some tips regarding saltwater fly fishing in Cape Town. Going to stay here until mid February and I brought my saltwater gear with me.

    I've managed to find some info about the target species but if you have some tips for locations where to go fishing without a boat this time of the year I would be more than happy to get them.

    And if you are, or know someone, local and would be eager to show around some places and tricks I would highly appreciate that. Also, if you know someone willing to rent a boat or to take a fellow fly fisher onboard I would gladly hear about it.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Simo,

    Lots of info here -

    Also if you search for De Mond, Langebaan, Breede river, Hermanus you will get some info.

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    Take your own drinking water from what I hear.

    It's made headlines here in USA that mismanagement in a 'first world' country will be the first to run out of water in a major city.
    Already on water restrictions from what I know.

    Good luck though - great city.

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