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Thread: Calling all Bass guys in Cape Town

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    Default Calling all Bass guys in Cape Town

    Hi there

    I am keen on geting a couple off guys together for a weekend and organising a trip to the swartland,there is a lot off awsome bass dams in the vicinity and we can also go to the berg rivier were i know off a couple off spots.
    And also just to meet new people and make some new friends and catch fish offcoarse!!!
    So please do drop me a line or give me a call should you feel like hooking up or if you want to share a nice spot with me.


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    This sounds like a great idea Deewy, will be keen to go on one of these trips. The spots we can share the better. It always seems that you know of all the good spots and then someone mentions another.

    Maybe a new section on the site dedicated to venues, where we can post photos etc just like a catch report except details of venue, like species available and directions and contact persons to contact?? Just a thought!

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    Hey there

    I recon that is a great idea,I am still trying to make contact with some off the farmer that has these dams.I have caught in a couple off them but it was with people who knew people so I want to build my own contacts list,then we gona nail them,In the meen time I am trying to nail the leeries at sandvlei,you must come join me one day,you wouldnt want to catch another bass in your life again
    Send me your detail,I live close to you then we can go make some casts
    Photography Rules!

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    Hi Deewy,

    I'm keen. Still relatively new to all this, so my knowledge of venues is limited

    I'll PM my contact details.



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