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Hi there Gerrit

Not sure which one you're referring to?

Popfleyes is a brilliant book, not only because of the patterns but also because of the way in which he understands (and explains) why he ties them in the way that he does. It includes very detailed sequences of Poplips, Siliclone, Surf Candy, Sempers etc

Verveka's book contains patterns from about thirty different guys and covers all salt species. Some brilliant individual patterns (some crap also) but it is a fantastic source of inspiration when you are not quite sure what to tie. It could have given better sequences but then again it is not intended as a step-by-step guide.

Essential saltwater Flies is also good, by Ed Jaworowski (popovics co author in pop fleyes) You can buy one or look in the CPS library (as soon as I get the copy to Darryl)