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Ja these guys don't know how to do a propper RAG. Must say the rest of the parties is not to bad and the wine farms make up for a lot. Drom nĂȘ, when i was on the SRC Drom and Skoonveld were my two koshuise to look after in the sense of play nice and you want to do what for ontgroening!!!

back to the thread - the Vaal is not even an hours drive away from Jhb. You can easily spend an afternoon fishing the Vaal and be back before 19:00 if you want to. If you have safety conserns the Vaal might be an better option.
Its not the time spent in the car but the distance, i am paying R1-60 Per km so a trip to GVP ends up costing me R288 just car usage.. so wanted something closer to just get my line wet.. Am planning a trip to Strome sometime in Nov with a car load of people to share the costs and also planning to go in my friends UNO which would be much cheaper on petrol.