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Thread: Bagging Big Bass

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    I had an olive wooly bugger with big barbel eyes and olive elastic tied in as part of the herl. So it had these funny pieces of elastic "legs" sticking out.
    Cast that into a deepish part at midday or early afternoon and just leave it to sink. Bass went ape!!! I think it has something to do with what Korrie is saying, the elastig legs wiggel whilst the rest is just falling through the water.
    Also caught a couple of big trout in trophy dams with a similar tactic with wooly buggers...dont retrieve just let it sink to the bottom of the dam!!
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    HI Mark,

    Big bass like big flies that are bulky and push lots of water creating vibrations or noise in places one would think to be unfishable. In thick structure or under overhanging trees or shrubs. Fallen tree stumps and lilly pads that only have few small openings or pockets, fish on the pads, then into a pocket, then onto the pads etc etc. Weedless, whether surface or down deep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E.T. View Post

    When they are in the mood to eat, you can throw anything in the water and they will swamp it.

    I have caught small bass on big flies and I have caught large bass on small flies. Thats just the way it is.

    When you do see the fish and cast after cast produced nothing, try a different fly, because I have seen at times that when they reject a pattern and you swing it by again they ignore it like a stop sign. Try a different pattern with a bit of an attractor in. I keep an orange clouser at hand and have witnessed with my own eyes that when all else fails, I chuck that fly in and it pulls fish from 3m away from the fly. I have done the same thing more than once with a black and purple woolly bugger. You might have something in your box that seals the deal.

    Try and try, because what works for me or another person might not work for you and vice versa.

    I have also seen that at times you need the fly to drop just past the fish and retrieve it to the fish's head and let the fly sink and you then give it a twitch. That sometimes acts as a trigger and the bass hits it with force.

    If you like it. Try it.


    Koos, Those orange clousers you mention, is there a contrast colour tied in or is the whole clouser orange? Cause I deffinately need some of those (any size preferences?)


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    let me know if this helps

    I received my junior provincial colours for bass and have enough probass anglers at my finger tips to offer help.

    Just remember that they love heavy structure, clear water that is warm.
    If water is murky IT WILL BE TOUGH as they search for food using lateral line and hearing. Sight is last on their list.
    Clear water will be all sight

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