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Thread: A trip to the south cape??

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    Default A trip to the south cape??

    Hi there guys

    I met up with some off our comrades this december holiday and had some lekka fishing.
    Unluckely,or should i say luckely,I was the only one that caught anything
    How bout we put a trip together for a weekend or so and go and fish the area,I didnt even get to all the spots that I wanted to fish,there stil is that spot in glentana that has me wondering and I heard stories of 10kg kob that is being caught at Grootbrak
    I caught my first leerie there this holiday and wow what a feeling,they were almost a nuisance,just a pitty we could only get one off them,but they were hittin flippers and poppers in the dead of day,3pm!! But on a pushing tide.
    I go to the area quite often for work and maybe ,Once our house is finished,stay there for the weekend.
    So anyone who might be keen on doing something like this let me know,maybe we can put something together very soon.
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    Good idea, I'm also in for this trip. I did spend some time with Henkie Altena one morning and he remarked that the best time to fish the area is February. He showed me a nice spot at Grootbrak.
    We some decent chases in Grootbrak but too many people and disturbances I think to be productive in December.
    We'll talk soon and fix a date.
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    As before, I'm in too. Let us know closer to the time. We definitely have beef with those fish!
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