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Thread: 4 Seasons in the Flux, love it!

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    Smile 4 Seasons..., love it!

    Yesterday morning started with a not-so-positive surf update. On the Salty side, the fishing outlook was bleak. With the state of the sea caused by the cold front we had coming through on the weekend , I was really not looking forward to the next couple of days, waiting for things to settle down a bit. How big was the surf? Well, it scared off even the hardcore Surfing dudes! I was expecting to see some Red Bull banners flying… The waves were breaking out on the wreck in the Durban Bay.

    On a whim decided to take a drive to the Southern Berg to see some snow after some persistent pestering from a 4 year old lady yesterday morning. Left Durban in beautiful 30 degree weather, arrived in Himeville in same weather, halfway up Sani Pass found my slops wanting and my T shirt a bit lacking…

    Arrived at the top in 0 degree “heat’. About emptied the Gluwein pot in the Sani Pub and shivered our way down to a balmy 30 degrees again.

    Went to have a look at one of the farm dams and caught a Goggle Eyed mudfish (aka LM Bass) as the sun set over the valley.

    After a healthy farm breakfast this morning went to check out the Umzimkulu River as I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting up with the family again. The river looked very clean and deceivingly dead. I decided to fish some of the deeper runs with a double rig and changed a flies a couple of times to make sure I covered all the bases.

    Then a couple of clouds passed over and the temp dropped, the Big Guy flicked a switch and the May’s came out to play. I changed to a parachute Adams and got into a fish on the first cast. Turned out to be a lovely speckled Mudfish (aka Rainbow Trout) of about 2,5 lbs. Got a couple smaller fish in rapid succession after that, then the Big Guy flicked the switch off again.

    Went to pick up the loved ones and arrived back in Durbs at about 16:00, to a stunning day down here.

    Summer Spring Autumn Winter and Siberia in 24 hours, you gotta love this place!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyGT View Post
    Summer Spring Autumn Winter and Siberia in 24 hours, you gotta love this place!
    Sounds like you are describing Cape Town at the moment. Rain, sunshine, rain again, ice cold wind and snow on peaks around Stellenbosch. And this all in one morning. And more to come by the looks of things.

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    Another interesting weekend weather wise in KZN, but this time my inland excursion only led to some very dead Yellows...
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    Care to elaborate?
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