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The crux of my post was about the spigot ferrules breaking twice. The long wait from the supplier was just the cherry on top...but not what the post was about, it was about the ferrules breaking twice for no reason.
You are right, all rods break...Orvis and Sage have thousands of rods pop every year too.

We used to get along quite well...I see that's come to a screeching halt for reasons unknown to me... So be it then.
I don't know what I did to offend you...but the tone of your post speaks volumes. Anyway, I appologise for anything I may have said to upset you.


Edit and PS: WTF is going on on this forum lately?????
It's a combination of the weather and the melimine(sp) in our milk boet. Makes everyone go a bit cookoo. Don't worry though, spring will come out soon and all will be well again. Oh...and don't drink the milk.