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Thread: Head Cement going stringy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scythe View Post
    I bought a 'proper' brand of head cement over Christmas as a treat for myself.

    It's called "Backcrountry Laboratories - Hard as Hull" selling for R58 per bottle.

    I'm sorry to say but this stuff is totally useless. Yes it penetrates well, no it never goes properly hard, you can cut through the "Hard as Hull" head with a fingernail.

    At the end of it all, the bottles Loctite Super Glue is STILL better, works faster, sets harder and is cheaper than the others.

    Very dissapointed!
    I also go the loctite route. The best tip I have received about using it though came from Mario (smallstreams) he suggested coating a bit of your thread before the final wraps/whips that way the glue penetrates, binds well and makes little or no mess! (revolutionized my meager endeavors)
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    That was a good tip. I've also been using it.

    So I guess the verdict is that water based head cement is useless for normal use. What is the intention of it then?
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