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A little fly I've worked on over the years which works quite well for those little bass in shallow water when they're being difficult and you want to have a bit of fun. Use a longish leader with light say 4lb Maxima (or fluoro if you have to!). Tie on about a size 12 or 10 hook. white marabou tail - not too long as they nip it. Coupla bits of pearl crystal flash either side. Body made using same wound white marabou, ribbed with same crystal flash. build uo fl orange head (using fluo orange tying thread throughout). Pearl plastic bead as head. This fly is just slightly faster than neutral density. Fish it static with the ofdd twitch as the other guys mention. You can let it sink deeper and it's fairly visible at depth so when the 'lights go out' - i.e. you suddenly no longer see the white body, you know a fish has taken. When fry are around and fish are attacking them, this also has it's uses fished in fry-movement twitches of also static like a stunned fry

Not infallible, but it has worked for me many, many times when most else fails
Thanks Chris!

This shall be one of my first port 'o call when my next vice becomes the vice.

I tried the olive DDD again on the weekend... still the only pattern i could get interest in but not nearly the same level of commitment as my last attempt.