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Thread: WC Stream Virgins 2008/2009 Season

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    Default WC Stream Virgins 2008/2009 Season

    This season's list of de-flowered stream virgins:
    Clive Kirby (Salty Bugger) - thanks to Chris Shelton
    Dewald Kirsten (deewy) - thanks to Roland Oelofse & Niel ?

    First timers:
    James White (JamesW): Feb 2009
    Werner Prinsloo (Troep): 4 - 8 Dec

    Wants to have another try at the streams:
    Clive Kirby (Salty Bugger)
    Nicholas Mills (nicholas)
    Peter Mol (Buf Aloe)
    Stephen Smith (swsmith)

    Help offered:
    Albe Nel (JAG) - WP team
    Andre Blignault (andre) - WP team, generous offer, especially for those with no stream tackle
    Andrew Wright (arthur)
    Darryl Lampert (dlampert)
    John Brink (J Brink)
    Kobus Kriel (bantam1)
    Korrie Broos (korrie) - WP team, if you want to learn about nymphing the streams in all its forms, he's your man
    Matt Rich (Fishwisperer)
    Mattew Taylor (umhlangarox) - WP team
    Rudoph Mouton (rendier)
    Roland Oelofse (rols)

    Read the fine print...
    Ok, so the streams are no longer in flood, the Bells weekend has come and gone, now let's see how many newbies the FlyTalk community can introduce to the streams this season. Last year this worked quite well, we managed to "de-flower" both Roland and Nicholas during the first part of the season, as well as Pierre later in the year and they have now become welcome converts to the stream fishing fraternity in the Cape.

    As per last years post, I will maintain a list of virgins, semi-virgins and guides/fishing consultants/coolerbox carriers etc.

    If you have NEVER fished a mountain stream before and want to know what it's like, post a message below, and maybe one of the guys can help you out with a day on the rivers....

    Some things to be aware of:
    You will be wet wading i.e walking up the stream in water over slippery rocks... You may even swim a bit...
    You need to be reasonably fit, carry your own water, lunch etc. This is not a full-service guiding offer
    You may be asked to get a CPS day permit
    You will probably have to be on the Worcester side of the tunnel fairly early in the morning - 5H30 to 6H30 depending on when the sun comes up and which beat you fish
    Take suncream & hat !
    Please do no litter on the streams ! This includes stompies...

    Newbies, if someone offers to take you out, do your part i.t.o. the booking process:

    You know when you are free
    Pick a date and pm / phone to confirm that he is free
    Phone Jean or Elizabeth on (021) 424 7725, they are in the office from 10H00 to 16H00.
    She will explain everything about the permits & beat bookings.
    For payment, you can either get internet banking details, or go to the clubroom in town (4th Floor, The Mercantile Building, 63 Hout Street, Cape Town)

    You need a Freshwater Angling Licence (R45) available from CapeNature offices & tackle shops

    CPS Membership fees:
    Entrance fee (once off) R55.00
    Annual membership fee R290.00
    Season permit for rivers R 160.00

    Day Permit for member (if you do not have a season permit) R 40.00
    Day Permit for non-member R 100.00
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    I am more then happy to take people out who are keen
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    I am also willing to take someone
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    This is an excellent idee. This is the way that i started out fishing the streams and now i can offer to help others.

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    Hi guys

    Some of you guys already invited me on the Houtbay thread, but if this is the propper way to do it ill do it via this thread.

    Ive never fished any stream for trout, so if anyone is willing and able to help me out on the weekend of the 4th to the 8th of december please let me know.


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    I will also help. Just a few years ago me and JAG was newbies and I think we have learnt a lot from the masters. Time to give back.

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    I am offering my services to any one who is interested to take up the offer.

    If I remember, I was the guy who took JAG (Albe) and Bantam1(Kobus) the first time on the streams, now they outfish me.
    Shows you what I good teacher I am.

    So maybe it is better if all of you go fishing with them. (maybe you will learn more)
    Korrie Broos

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    Yes I am available as well. I also have tackle to lend someone who may not have his own. Unfortunatly it will have to be Sage...but beggars can't be choosers.

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    I lost my virginity just over a week ago and I have to say, it was awsome. Just tied up with other plans but definatly from next year I will spend more time doing the streams.

    Thanks to Roland and Niel for helping me out and lending me some flies and rods.

    I can remember roland telling me to put a gentle cast to a sighted rise and I told him my version of a gentle cast is a single haul anyway, I hooked and landed the bugger
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    My virginity on the streams was broken 2 weeks before the Bell's when Chris Shelton invited me out. I joined CPS the following day and went with Chris again the weekend before the Bell's.

    Had to miss Bell's this year because I had already committed to an Orange River trip this weekend coming and had to go easy on the wife. She has now, for the 2nd time in 11 years of marriage, said that I am fishing a bit too much .

    I guess you can say that I am now a "streams slut". Just can't get enough. I don't even need a viagra or Maximor to go to the streams. I get a "woody" just thinking about it

    I am by no way ready to take someone to a stream on my own yet, but I can highly recommend it to those who have not fished a stream yet. It is an absolute different dimension to ff. Awesome. Go with someone who knows what they are doing (like the guys who have posted on this thread). You will not regret it.

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