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    Good day all.

    I was invited to a dairy farm on the Mooi River, about 15km outside the town Mooi River.

    The area has had some water restrictions, found out on Sunday that it was due to some person forgetting to leave one of the sluice's partly open, needless to say the fishing was not all that great. The cold weather on Saturday did not help at all.

    I was hoping to find some scalies and possibly the odd trout but that was not to be. None of the famaly really fish so I was guided by the youngest sone (12) who dusted off an old rod and found one small rapala in the garage. We spent the entire Saterday fishing the 5 odd kilometers of river on the farm and only late afternoon managed to find a couple of bass holding in one of the bigger pools, I had to revert to a brite orange and black (orange at the bottom) minnow tipe fly of my own design to land one of the little bass. My first bass on fly and was impressed at the strength and dirty tactics of the jumping bugger.

    I cut the fishing short due to the rugby and was treated with home made snacks of smoked sossage and cottage cheese followed by a massive steak braai.

    I have been invited back when they have had some good rain.
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    Nice one AB.

    I was in the vicinity on the weekend (attended a wedding at Woodridge Country Estate in Balgowan) and yes, the weather was miserable. The in-laws and I went to St. Ives to fly fish (first time ever for all of us) and I managed to catch two rainbows - combined weight was 1.5kg's. The second trout also gave a bit of an aerial display

    Mooiriver and surrounding areas are really beautiful this time of year. Swambo and I want to spend some time there next year (and the fly rods will go with )

    Fly fishing noob

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