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This explains the cuthroat trout very well. In America, cuthroat trout are often called natives and Rainbows and browns as introductions. Rainbow trout and browns where introduced into areas with cutrhoats and these fish are now in serious decline. Brown trout come from europe and the rainbows from Alaska and the Northern parts of North America.

I know that several of the lakes in the Ceres area where stocked with pure cutrhoats and some still have populations. I caught cuthroat like trout at the old Dewdale that where stocked. I can only think that they have interbred with the rainbow trout or are a seperate group on our streams but having two species of trout on our streams is not all bad. I like catching cuthroats in amongst the rainbows.
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I went fishing yesterday on one of our club waters that I've only fished once before. Hooked a fish that tore off like it was turbocharged, despite the fact that the water was incredibly warm and the fact that I applied as much pressure as I thought the 3x could hold. Imagine my surprise when I got the fish closer and saw it was no more than around 2.5lbs.

Now the interesting bit. I noticed the colouration on this fish, whilst distinctly "Rainbow", seemed to be a little darker and more pronounced than other fish I caught in the same lake. As I flipped her over to calm her down and remove the hook, I noticed 2 distinct red/orange stripes on the underside of her jaw, almost as bright as in the pic in this link:


First time I've seen this , so it seems we have a couple of them up here too !