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Thread: Go to salt fly

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    The ones I got on fly were very small, the biggest about 30cm. Mostly I think because of the heavy wind causing me not to get any decent distance (my casting is up to sh!t). I was fishing the mouth of the big river at that windy place. I got my best fish on a plug, though it took only meters from the side - could just as well have cast a fly at it, so there goes the theory about the wind. Gotta have some kind of excuse!

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    Clouser - every time, Pink and white (polar bear) Black over Orange and chartreuse over white. I have caught fish all over the world using those three colors - most successful by far.

    However, having said that - I have fished a few places just recently where my new fly (Long Tailed one I posted recently) has cleaned up. Maybe because they are all over 90mm / 120mm and the bait fish where matched perfectly.

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    From all the replies you clearly know what flies to go for now. Of all the flies mentioned above I always try these 2 first...

    * Crazy Charlie
    * Clousers Minnow

    I use the Charlie to target small gully species and the clousers for gamefish.

    The reason I used these 2 is that they ride hook up, which helps in rocks by not hooking up as often. It also helps over the prawn beds by not dragging the hook in the sand if fishing a slow retrieve on the bottom.

    Otherwise salty buggers have been VERY successful for me.

    Good luck!!

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