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Thread: Someone is talking K@K

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    Jasper, Chris! those are classic.. ha..ha..ha.. Reminds me of a good couple of years ago tunny fishing a tunny comp. from Martina Martinique. We were 4 up on my 26ft Butt Cat and on our way out while riggin up I noticed this Vaalie picked to fish with me attaching a Penn 49 onto his rod. I chirped ''boet, ons gaan nie nou elwe vang nie''. Irritated he barked, ''boerie!! weet jy al die rooi steenbra en poensies en moerse krakers wat ek al met die katrol uitgehaal het.

    Long story short, he refused my offer of a better reel. At about 23 n.m. out we got warm current and birds working a couple of hundred metres away. Slowed down to trolling speed and set out our lines. We were still far from the working birds when all hell broke loose. TUNNY!! big ones too hit our lures.

    Immediately I turned to see that Penn 49 scream!! start smoking!!(within seconds). The Vaalie was still trying to get the safety clips released when that reel simply exploded, screws and mangled side covers flew into the air and water like a rifle shot. Only the metal section screwed to the rod remained. f..... we laughed, was hell landing those 60-70 kg fish while laughing at his remarks. He ended up catching his first y/f tuna that day.

    Handle every situation like a dog.- If you cant hump it, piss on it and walk away. --JASPER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholas View Post
    a couple of years ago, i toured the thailand, laos, burma area.
    I noticed a local sitting next to the Mekong river, fishing.
    He had some form of dead Catfish, that he caught, next to him, with his line in the water.
    The Mekong river is very very muddy. The viz was about 3 to 5 cm.
    I sign languaged my way along with the fisherman. eventually I managed to show him, I wanted to see what he uses for bait.
    He showed me a plactic canister, I wanted to see/smell this.
    He indicated to me it stinks a lot. I thought yeah it is okay, but I still want to see/smell etc.
    I touched the plastic holder, as I brought it closer to my nose I realized he did not exagerate. It STANK.
    I handed him back the container, and did he chuckle, He probaly had the time of his life telling this to his family, that evening.
    The worst was that my hands stank for the next 2,5days. Nothing could take away the pong. Soap, lemon juice, beer, I tried everything that was available.
    I had to say to myself, serves you right Korrie.
    Korrie Broos

    Don't go knocking on Death's door, ring the bell and run like hell. He hates it. (anon)
    Nymphing, adds depth to your fly fishing.
    Nymphing, is fly fishing in another dimension

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    that is a real catfish believe it or not!!! I saw one just like that on n program called "mega fish" that featured on "nat geo wild". but I still think that the story is a bit far fetched!

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    Yes, the Mekong river catfish is real (and vegetarian), but the whale shark story is NOT. The megafishes show is credible and well researched, you can take it all as the truth. National Geographic is not a sensational, bullshitting organization.

    Back to Stywe Lyne...if its variety you want, its the best. Used to read it a lot in the past (anything with fish in it is suitable material to me!).

    What pisses me off though is the slapdash job they do with identifying fish species and verifying claims and checking facts (just look at the whale shark/catfish saga!)...

    I also don't appreciate the lack of effort they put into promoting awareness for the conservation of many of our fishes. Reading it, you would never suspect the grim state that Kob and White Steenbras stocks are in. And as for their attitude, 'it not us, its the chinese trawlers or I&J'...

    But it has its strengths too, and I don't think I"ll ever be 'above' any type of fishing, save perhaps bowfishing and dynamite...

    Was shown pictures of a disturbing scene this weekend. Some of the first-years went down to the beach and found a young male ragged-toothed shark that had been thrown up on the beach and stabbed all WHO would do that? Also seen numerous of our endemic cat- and pyjama sharks thrown up...grinds my gears almost as much as you guys when you see a dead LM!
    Impotent rage is the worst feeling, like when a tourist asked me to identify some fish he saw in the Transkei- 16 large red steenbras being cleaned on the beach by locals for a charter company, and in the closed season too! Nothing I can do, AARRGghhhhh!

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