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Thread: Moerse 'Hatch' at Lakenvlei

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    Quote Originally Posted by J Brink View Post
    those lakies trout are getting good food, the must growing fast. Graig hows the condition of the fish
    Thanks for the comments guys.
    The fish were fat before this, so they are in for another growth spurt
    I recon the recent stockies have doubled in size already, some were leaping out the water.

    hatches like this make the fishing *** as you no doubt realise.
    Would have liked to chase these rising fish with a dry fly, but alas, between 'babysitting' duties and bringing the wrong floating line, it was not possible.

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    Just as well you didn't use the baby's 'floater' - your success rate would have been even less even though it may have closely resembled a termite's body!
    The more you know, the less you need (Aboriginal Australian proverb)

    Only dead fish swim with the stream (Malcolm Muggeridge)

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