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Thread: Fun & Games at Khai-Appel

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    Default Fun & Games at Khai-Appel

    I took a short detour to Khai-Appel at Kathu on a work trip last Saturday. Water was as always exceptionally clear with lots of striped tilapia guarding their nests in the shallows.
    I just stood watching the tilapia on guard for about 20 minutes before choosing my weapon: a small (#10) minnow imitation tied from white wool with a fire orange head.
    The reason for this was that the bass frequently popped out from under the grass cover to raid the tilapia nests and I figured that an imitation of the fry would induce some action - and was I well rewarded!
    A bass literally every 2nd or 3rd cast!
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    That's superb, little kurper fry imitations in the right circumstances are killers for bass. It'll often kill 'em when all the guys with lurid lures are busy scaring the crap out of them!
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