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    Cool Thai Masheer


    Just got this update from Thailand. Still one of the best value for money destinations for South Africans. Come on treat the wife to a beach resort in Phuket or do some last minute changes on the honeymoon booking .

    These are not the same as the Himalyan one but a lot cheaper. I won't be booking just to fish for them, but it's good to know what is there FF wise in Phuket. You can only do so much shopping and Bangh-la Road (?)

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    Mate, that is ridiculously expensive for Thailand!

    I travel to Thailand at least 4 times a year, and with that sort of money, you can do HEAPS! Can even go offshore cheaper.

    I've been to Khao Sok a few times but never flyfished - went looking for Rafflesia's!
    Much better value for money trips than that!

    Think Aussie-

    3 blokes guided marlin fishing (fly) for a day costs $1500.00 for the boat.
    Compare the value!!

    Anyhoo......just my view. Thoughts may differ.

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    Not punting the particular fellow, just punting the concept of fly fishing for "yellowfish" in Phuket.

    Yes it's expensive in world terms but I found that with Thailand there is zero info on fly fishing these are one of the few operators on the net. But being a safe country one can easily wing it.....


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