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Thread: Casting with Lefty Kreh

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    Default Casting with Lefty Kreh

    It's often been said that you can't learn how to cast a fly from a book. To a certain extent this is true. However "Casting with Lefty Kreh" is no ordinary fly fishing book, written as it is by a man who is arguably the greatest fly casting instructor of all time.

    If you are keen enough about fly fishing you will want to own this book. The tips it contains will be invaluable to even the most seasoned fly fisher. If you wish to be able to cast 25 to 30 metres with the minimum of effort, this is the book for you.

    Lefty Kreh's easy casting style has often come in for criticism from many other casting instructors, maybe because Lefty admits to giving short shrift to the: "copy of the Times under the arm, stiff wrist, right foot forward" style which ends up giving you tennis elbow and rotator cuff problems.

    This book, which costs £30 in the UK is strongly recommended to all enthusiastic fly fishers.

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    Yes, it's a great book Ron, certainly in my opinion the definitive treatise on the subject. We discussed it a month or two back on another thread (can't remember which one!!)

    Cheers, Chris
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    Agreed Ron .... I have three of his (casting) books - all have made me re-think my casting styles.

    If you can get hold of his VIDEO it is also excellent (MINE was "borrowed" and never returned!!!)
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    I have the latest one, and am very, very impressed.
    I especially like the way that he has changed his terminology and explanations of the dynamics in a cast.
    Even a doff like me can understand what he is saying.
    And put it to good use noggal.
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    I have a video of his, found it VERY informative, I think that any info that LK is prepared to offer, has to work.
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