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    Quote Originally Posted by Gogga View Post

    To be honest I have a full range of Able reels, That's the super 5 to the super 14. With these reels I have caught everything from Gt's to Bonefish. I have also used the Able super 14 on Blue and Thresher sharks.

    I also happen to own a few Shilton reels, Granted they havent done the fishing that the Ables have - but then again they are not as popular as Able - in-fact hardly anyone over here or in the States have ever heard of them. Non the less - lets look at a few technicalities shall we.

    But before I begin, could you be kind enough to share with us, your experience and knowledge on both reels - so that we can make a fair judgment on your statement.

    OK, so lets choose a real workhorse out of the ranges - for me it would be Shilton SL7 or equivalent super 12

    The Able weighs - 10.1 oz Shilton - 290 Gr ( 10.2 oz)

    Bearings - Able 1 - Shilton 3.

    The are both made of CNC machined Bar Stock Aluminium - as far as I know there ain't a huge difference between bar stock and bar stock, but who knows?

    Both have cork drags - as far as I know cork is cork - perhaps I'm wrong again.

    OK, so Lets have a look at a few drawings shall we- You are a bit technical (I hope) and you may be a bit surprised.

    The Able

    The Shilton (I scaned this off my own reel BTW.)

    Now, I may be a humble engineer, and a fishing nut, but feck me- there are a hell of a lot of similarities there - and on closer investigation - I have to think that those booitjies in SA have a thing or two (or should that be 3 ) going for them.

    Anyhow - as you say, I must be dreaming - and, I just paid $380-00 for My Shilton SL7 (Guide program - I'm told you get this when you have caught enough fish, (he he)) But that Able cost me $ 745-00

    Hell, I guess you have to be right - you certainly get what you pay for. Perhaps, Able is twice as good - We will see.

    All the best
    Nice answer Mike.

    That's what I like about this site, we can disagree without being confrontational. Everybody has a right to their opinion and I respect all opinions, particularly well-reasoned ones.

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    Mike, very interesting comparison, thanks very much !

    I'm a bit of an Abel fan, but I have to admit I've been giving the Shilton's a bit more than a cursory glance lately.

    My only area of concern with the Shilton would be the local distributers, Bluewater Flies and thus the warranty of these reels. Not sure what is up with Bluewater, but if one sees whats happened to their fly tying materials operation, where local fly shops are struggling to get materials out of these guys, with supplies being haphazard at best, I wonder what will happen on the reel side and warranties in particular ?

    The Shilton equivalent of the Abel Super 5 is around 2/3 the price of the Abel. For the piece of mind of knowing that I am dealing with a company that produces what is agruably the best around and takes immense pride in their products, I may still be inclined to go for the Abel.

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