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Thread: Voting 22/04/2009

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    Everything considered,S.A is still a great country to live in.Crime is the only thing that makes me negative but I believe it is also over emphasised by media so you are reminded of it daily.On a recent boat cruise we met up with a french couple.They were telling me that even Paris had huge crime problems,the only diference is that you are not murdered for R20.They have lived here for 2 years now and also think this is an amazing country.It is interesting to know how other people percieve our country.If I was a victim of crime,or had a family member murdered due to crime I would probably also hate the country and want to leave,but is it really greaner on that side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholas View Post
    wOW,pherhaps i should have tried,but your friend should not have voted,
    i asked the question whether or not people think i have the right to vote as i have lived here for six years and am a tax paying citizen married to a South African? f i was allowed to vote i would have.
    I am British born and voted

    I am a dual citizen though as i have lived here for a long while, but Nick i am sure you could've, certainly by the next election!

    hope you all heard the good news ANC failed in getting a TWO THIRDS majority and DA posted highest results as of yet and Cope performed splendidly well for a new party Zuma says he's got no major changes in store... things are looking good
    I'll stay as long as i can fish. . .

    Whenever the "club" for geniuses - MENSA - was mentioned, I always wondered if their was an opposite equivalent society for imbeciles. Now I know, it's called ANCYL.

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    Good man, James! How's it going?

    I'm laid up at home with my leg - right not middle thank goodness otherwise I'd really be bored- are you fishing down round Stellenbosch?

    Cheers, Chris

    PS - was going to have a flytying this Thursday but note it's another long weekend - maybe Thursday week..
    The more you know, the less you need (Aboriginal Australian proverb)

    Only dead fish swim with the stream (Malcolm Muggeridge)

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