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Thread: What 12w line?

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    Understood but is it useable for snoek. Just want to settle it in my mind because I made a shooting head with leadcore a few years ago but it was a b!tch to cast. Cannot even afford to fish at the moment and would like to kit up for Snoek by about June/ July.
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    windknot :sure it will work magic for snoek !!

    Id still go loop to loop braid to t14 this way you can cut the shooting head if its over lined
    if you know the weight is right then integrate it

    im sure ive got some 50 lb braid lying around if I can find it you welcome to some if you dont have all ready

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    Mega used to come out in a 15/17wt, but all Megas are now unfortunately discontinued. GLoomis 12/13 Mega GLX is rated by most who have fished them as the best 12wt ever made... They have achieved cult status. There is serious demand for them on places like ebay etc
    CTS make a 16-18 wt Revo blank that looks pretty hard core...
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    Quote Originally Posted by swsmith View Post
    Hi looking at a decent sinker for my 12w.will be using it for the snoek and if my stomach holds longfin etc.....

    Must sink quickly etc leviathon or I think scythe mentioned a stealth depth finder line...

    Your comments please....Thanks
    Airflo depthfinder 500

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    why not try a lead core fly line, heavy, sinks fast and cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulquiorra View Post
    why not try a lead core fly line, heavy, sinks fast and cheap
    They do not last

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