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Thread: Recommendation for 7 weight outfit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francois View Post
    Thank you for all the info, much appreciated.
    I will look into the custom rod building, maybe I should try and build my own with guidance from Mike or so. The rod Mike made the other day looks awesome. It is killing me seeing these monster carp in the farm dam nearby and I am bit worried using my 5 weight.
    Fly fisherman seem to spend a lot of time worried about being under tackled!

    See if you can hook them first... If you can, at least you'll get to test out your fly-line to backing knot
    Check your knots!

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    Well at the moment I am trying to figure out what it will cost me to by one at a later stage, Yes I know about my 8/9 weight, I am going to use it for the moment but later on you never know one might need a 7 weight for more fun

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