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Thread: Payara - My new dream fresh water fish

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    Default Payara - My new dream fresh water fish

    I have some dates lined up for an exotic trip next year and this will be the fish that I will target, aint he a beauty.

    Amazon river.

    Photography Rules!

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    Payara – Vampire Fish (Saber-tooth Baracuda)

    Hydrolycus scomberoides
    Payara is a large fish species found in the Amazon River basin and that is a popular fish among sport fishers. Payara fishing allures a relatively large number of tourists to different fast moving waters in their natural habitats in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

    Payara can reach a length of 120 cm or 47 inch and a weight of 18 kg (40 pounds) they are extremely aggressive predatory fish that is found in fast moving water and rapids. Payara fish are capable of eating fish that are half their own body size.

    Payara fishing

    Payara are as earlier mentioned much appreciated sport fish due to the impressive fights they put up. Payara fish is usually considered to be one of the fiercest struggling freshwater fishes, offering a larger fight then other popular fishes from the area such as peacock bass. They also add to the sport of catching them by jumping up and down out of the water in a similar way to salmon.

    Payara fish usually hunts in open water rather then at the surface so sinking fish lures such as spoon and jigs are the best choice. Make sure that you have enough line on your reel when fishing this fish since a Payara easily can peel of up to 150 yards of line in the first few seconds of the fight. Payara are usually fished on a catch and release basic since larger specimens today are becoming quite rare in many waters.
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