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    AcidTone Nymph
    As the rivers are going to tend towards the high side at the start of the season, it may be a great idea to haul out those rusty nymphing skills. If you really want a challenge you could try French nymphing, but that's another matter altogether.
    Your nymphs will either have to weighted, or be able to sink quickly without a weight, which brings us to the AcidTone Nymph.
    By utilising some lessons from the science class, we can get an un-weighted nymph with a slim profile that sinks quite quickly.
    Its not weighted, just dense and smooth. The trick here is that Acetone melts Acetate Floss, so the air spaces disappear, the profile gets smooth and it sinks like a stone. If you really want it to go down even faster, you could put on a thin lead under body.

    Wind some silver or copper wire onto a grub hook (#6-14) and leave a tag on left.

    Put acetate floss into your bobbin, catch it on like normal thread and wind back to bend of the hook. Pause every now and again and let the floss unwind to keep it flat.
    Wind back to the eye keeping the floss flat at the beginning and then let it twist up into a "rope" as you get nearer the eye. Leave the floss hanging and let it unwind as you wind the wire forward to create segments. Tie the wire off, cut and then make a half hitch with the floss to secure the wire, leaving the floss under the fly where it is trimmed off.
    No thread is necessary.
    Take your lighter, give it a quick pass under the fly to get rid of stray fibres.

    Coat your fly with a generous amount of acetone. (Do not use nail varnish remover as it will leave a nasty white film over the fly) Acetone is easily handled with a small hypodermic syringe & needle. Acetone & syringe are available at your local chemist.

    Your fly is then done.

    You can then 'dolly up' your fly, but it works just as it is. Experiment with colours, but the reds, burgundy and greens work best in my experience.
    You can dub on a thorax, use peacock hurl, fuzzy bug, or add a bead to make it sink faster.

    Other options are buzzers and soft hackles (below)


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    Brings back fond [as we were always 'lucky' {or is that wise} and nobody got hurt] memories of our days experimenting with chlorine granules and brakefluid
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    Try chlorine granules and sulpher......

    Hooya....still have the scars to prove it!
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    AcidTone nymph - excellent idea - I love thin, streamlined, quick-sinking flies that are still light in weight. Epoxy buzzers are also very cool in this respect

    On the other recipes, try adding baking powder to malt vinegar in a glass bottle and sealing it quickly and throwing it at Mother in Law/similar substitute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherFish View Post
    AcidTone Nymph
    As the rivers are going to tend towards the high side at the start of the season....
    Depends what part of the country you are in...up here in the Midlands, the rivers are low and crystal...anyone else bunking off for opening day on Tuesday??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogtooth View Post
    Try chlorine granules and sulpher......

    Hooya....still have the scars to prove it!
    As they say - 'lelik is niks, maar onnosel'
    Jeyes Fluid and Chlorine nearly got us killed a couple of times as kids ;-) Another favourite was saltpeter and sugar mixed, wrapped in toilet paper and set alight for a really nice smoke bomb. For the old grannies who lived in the block of flats we stayed in, we would wrap the whole lot up with some fresh dog sh!t, place on door mat, set it alight, knock and run! Aah the joys of youth
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    We just used normal milk and chlorine.


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