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Thread: Red Eye Damsel SBS

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    especially like the last one...i need to get some nymph rib stuff
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    Thanks for that Morne. Interesting that you put the soft hackle up the body like that.

    The "Kamberg Nymph" pattern used up here is essentially also a small (#12 short shank, and down) Red-Eye Damsel. I have only ever seen them (and tied them) with chennille eyes, but plan on making some up with the mono / bead eyes.

    Tie in the eyes about 1/4 down from the hook eye, tie in marabou by the tips so that you have a long tail, say 2x shank if short shank, and then simply wind the marabou butts up the shank and figure-8 over the eyes.

    Nice and simple. Seen them in olive, brown and black with eyes in red, white and black.
    Jan L. Korrûbel
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    HI Morne,

    Love both the ties. Your first fly, maybe use filoplume for more movement. Love it anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morne View Post
    Thanks guys.

    I have a small soft hackle damsel that I use on the rivers when Roland starts bragging about how he is out fishing me to put him back in his place. It never fails.
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