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Must say I also own 3 Elbe's, caught the Barbel in my profile pic on a 9-wt Elbe and it didn't stand a chance! Fight lasted less than 3 min. I must say it feels like you had a gym session the next day, it is quite a stiff rod, but can get out a full line (30m) out easily. Not that I need it while fishing for barbel, 10m accurate cast are the aim of the day!

And hey if you can't get fish to bite just hit them lights out with the stick haha!
The other day while wading past some reeds in a local dam I saw a small snake (unknown specie) about 40cm long and probably as thick as my pinky, it swimmed right towardfs my... So I moved away... Yet it turned and swimmed towards my again, so I panicked a bit and wacked it with my elbe so that changed his mind... To swim on top of the water...
It dove under the water but still swam towards me...

Man have you ever seen a fly fisherman with a stripping basket (thanks shoprite) run a 100m sprint in knee high water?

Anyway elbe has caught a couple of bass since then no problem!

PS: this was more a smack than a wack - rod accelerated fast from about 50cm above snake.