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Thread: Got Flexicoat?

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    Thanks guys, went down to Tuckers as per Korrie's suggestion and they had LOADS! Thank for all the help.

    One question though, can you put glitter in Flex coat? It wont stuff anything up will it?
    Naah should be fine. I'd mix it thoroughly first though, until it's crystal clear (takes about 7 minutes of SLOW stirring...10 seconds clockwise, 10 seconds counterclock wise, repeat for 7 minutes), and then add the glitter and give a few slow turns to mix it in nicely.

    Use a tot-glass and a big paper-clip to stir. Do not mix it in a plastic container (it attacks certain plastics...if it came with plastic mixing cups that's cool, they are the "right" plastic cups) and do not use a wood stick to stir with. If you do not mix it properly it will remain tacky and will not cure properly. And you MUST stir slowly otherwise you will get bubbles in the mixture.

    Also, don't skimp by trying to only mix a tiny bit at a time. Mix 3cc's each of hardener and resin at a time. Rather waste a bit, than having a mixture that doesn't want to cure properly.

    Take a small saucer, and put some tin foil over it (the underside). Once you have mixed your epoxy...pour it onto the flat tin foil surface. This increases your pot-life and dissipates any bubbles you had in the mixture. The pot life is about 40 minutes before it starts becoming too tacky to work with.

    If there are some bubbles in the mixture once you apply it to the flies, blow on it gently through a straw to pop the bubbles. You can also use a flame (bring close to the epoxy from the SIDE, not underneath) to temporarily heat and liquify the epoxy so the bubbles burst. Just work CAREFULLY.

    Then as Mario need to turn the flies in a rotating drier for about 4 hours at least (with FlexCoat) to prevent sags to one side, etc.

    It's actually easier than it all sounds. Just follow the instructions on the packet carefully.
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    This is off the topic but what is the best head sement to use for salty flies?

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