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Thread: Storage of Bushy Dries

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyFanatic View Post
    Midas, note MIDAS and not MIAS, sell compartment boxes for 20 bucks, they work like a charm for dries. Has a fold open design with 2 rows of compartments on each half. Have a look.
    That's what I use. Works very well, and the inside is transparent so you can see what is stored where.
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    [QUOTE=Monster;156534]A bushy dry sounds like my ex.



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    Good one!

    For storing 'bushy dries' at home also visit the shops that sell plastic boxes. You can buy transparent sturdy boxes 35 x 22 cm with 24 adjustable compartments for about twenty rand as well. you can then select flies for a smaller box for your day's fishing. These larger boxes are also ideal for storing dubbing etc. They in turn can be stored in big sturdy transparent plastic trunks on wheels each of which can take about a dozen or two dozen of the 35x22cm jobbies. These trunks are also ideal for storing lines, reels and general flyfishing paraphernalia at a fraction of the cost of wooden or metal trunks. They're very easy to clean and you can see what's in the boxes without having to bother opening them first. The trunks in turn are stackable on top of each other for efficient storage in your den or garage.
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