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Thread: Bass Gurglebug salamander + tutorial

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    Default Bass Gurglebug salamander + tutorial

    I started tying these Gurglebug salamanders primarily for pike here in the northern hemisphere, but I know they are an awesome fly for Large & Small mouthed bass as well, due to a lot of my American blogging mates feedback after using the tutorial I have for them. They've even bagged Snakeheads out in Thailand as well..To get the best out of this fly it should be fished with an intermediate line.Let the line sink for about 20 seconds then strip back quickly until it has dived down to a depth of around half a meter. then stop and strip.this fly will drive Bass crazy


    Instead of a raccoon or rabbit zonker strip one can use feather splayed out the back and is a great frog imitation.


    Here is a tutorial for them.Once its loaded view in full screen mode
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    This is an AWESOME fly!! Doesnt just look fun, but I think its a fun fly to tie!


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