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Thread: big fish on light tackle

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Ewels View Post
    It's all good Andre Where will you be taking me fishing in December/Jan? Happy to do any salty twigging, or heavier stuff if it's on offer.
    (I only need to keep 8-9 Jan clear for my Dad's birthday in Somerset West.)

    It would be nice to meet some of the other flytalk members as well. Some might want to have a little cast with my custom 2wt - if I haven't busted it on a big fish by then
    Thats a good time pretty much anywhere. Usually garden Route is good at that time, 8 jan hey?? your Dad must be a seriously good guy. Thats my birthday too.
    Disclaimer.... none of my posts are intended to be "expert advice"..just opinions from someone who is willing to help where he can.

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    Andre yeah, January seems to be a good month for nice people. My ol'man is turning 80 so it'll be big bash - he's a great man, a kind man, and a pal. He's only fit for light-duty fishing now - he's knees are not good - a bit at Blakes Beach and some parts of the mid/upper Lourens are okay for him.

    So anyway the idea of somewhere down the Garden Route appeals to me greatly - I'm excited already. Perhaps we should start another thread on that. If there is enough interest we could turn it into an Ultra-Light Salty Clinic and charge the punters to attend (kidding)

    Did I mention I'm desperate for a really big striped mullet!? I got a small one on a soft little 3wt during a brief visit to De Mond a couple of years ago. But now I want more bigger!!

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