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Thread: What Vice

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishWhisperer View Post
    Anyone have any experience with these? They look superb!! Thinking about getting one... very hard!

    Too many fiddly bits, I hear the vice is rock solid on that base though............ even if it looks too light.
    For that sort of money can do no wrong with one of these
    With some extra bits and delivery shouldn't come to more than 8000ZAR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre View Post
    Dissagree, this vice looks limited in it's ability to adjust the angle of the arm holding the "jaws", or hook holding device, or is the angle of the hook adjusted at the 'holding device? Either way, i dont like it. That hook holding device doesn't look like it would be able to hold a hook tight enough.
    Ja ja, don't knock it till you've tried it. Those jaws actually hold a hook better than clamp jaws.

    Anyway, if we all had the same opinions we would all be tying with the same vise - my next Vise is still the Stenzel
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