Night fishing is a big thing in New Zealand for the trout.

Guys usually target the trout on the darkest of nights, usually on the waning through waxing phases.

Standard operandi is standing very shallow near stream mouths or on beach areas and fishing a floating line or sometimes an intermediate with a big black fly. A lot of the guys who have fished NZ would also be familiar with the glow in the dark materials. Usually a doll fly or something along those lines.
I have had great success with a glow bead head as well.

Slow retrieve - hand knotting or slowly dead drifting keeping tension.
Strikes are often quite subtle. It took me a while to figure this out - often thinking it was weed or something I'd snagged. Old Maori fella said any hesitation to strip strike - soon converted those pesky 'weeds' into fish.

Often found the colder the night, the better the rainbows come on.

The browns can also be targetted like this in the shallows.
There was a good mouse year in NZ beginning of the year, and some of the bigger fish were caught at night with a deer hair pattern as has been suggested by swinging down and across. Getting that Vee is a key to success.

It's an exciting way to fish for sure.

Just make sure you check the fly every now and again and preferably wear a beanie or hat for ear protection