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Thread: Advice for Breede River

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    Default Advice for Breede River

    I have fished on the Breede river (mouth) a few times, but most trips have been unsuccessful. I really need help there. I have only caught leervis once on the sand bank across from the hotel. And once 3 years ago I caught kamikaze-leervis 20km from the mouth a spinner (gt icecream)
    I normally fish a 8/9wt with floating or intermediate line with flies like:
    clouser (chartreuse, white), charlies (white, tan), poppers/flipper, crease fly (green) or silicone mullet

    I drive in from the Infanta side and fish on the sand bank across from the hotel. I try and time it as to be fishing 2 hrs before the high on a pushing tide.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Are there any good guides that I can contact?
    What other species (grunter?) can I target this time of the year? And how/where?
    Are there fish there this time of year. Or is it better to go to DeMond? Any other spots that might work for winter fly fishing?

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    Default dont seem to be doing much wrong.right flies and any spot it takes alot of effort and can mean the occasional blank.we have all experienced them there.never much fun and dents the just need to persevere.wouldnt spend to much time there now.not the best time.the leeries have moved up the might get the odd juvenile about but would rather suggest de mond.might have better luck there this time of year.
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    Sounds like you have the basics sorted

    The best advise I got for WC estuary fishing was from Juan
    and that is to fish "hard"

    Meaning that an hour or two isnt enough you need to find the fish as they move around looking for food

    there are two ways to accomplish this

    1.(the easy way) know where they will be at which points in the tide /water movement and fish there

    or 2(the hard way)

    Fish in one place for a whole tide untill the fish come past !!

    and the only way to get the info for the easy way is to have spent enough time dooing it the hard way


    Im not sold on pushing tides
    I look for moving water which of course happens on the push but the drain can be as hot
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    Fish Are Friends Not Food

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    Agree with steven and damage! your setup and flies fine,Only juvenile leeries there in winter.i will just fish the tide from the turn. The salty buggers really suffer in winter. Good luck!


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