I seem to be one of the few people who likes a fast rod on the cape streams. I have noticed that most days on the streams in the western cape there is wind. I have a classic2 2/3 and in my opinion it is under priced. It has a fast action and I have managed accurate presentations with #18 dries in near gale force wind.

I will agree that a slower actio rod will get you the most delicate presentations on days where there is no or very little wind, and although that does happen quite often, I do not like to be stuck having my delicate presentations blown a couple of metres from where I wanted them to land.

I have fished both medium and fast rods on the WC streams before and just prefer a faster rod. Just personal preference.

And to add to the discussion on Horizon: I just got an XRS 5wt 9ft. Admittedly I did not buy it for stream fishing, but I am very happy with it. It gets accurate presentation from 25m no problem.

Don't hesitate to critisize me. I don't have nearly as much experience as most of you guys.