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Thread: Flies for Fresh Water Bream and Tiger Fish

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    Default Flies for Fresh Water Bream and Tiger Fish

    I'm full speed back at the vice the last week or so. I live in Northern Botswana and our main species this side is: Pike, Bream and Tiger Fish. What patterns can I tie for Pike and Bream and also for Tigerfish.

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    Hi Piri

    Welcome here if I missed your intro.

    Use the search function in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page. You will find enough on tigers alone to keep you reeding for months.

    Post some of your flies an photos.

    Tight lines and good luck
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    You cant go wrong with basics like clousers, blondes, whistlers and the odd flipper. Remember to focus on triggers such as two tones colour combos (light on the bottom and dark on the top), large eyes and prominent lateral lines and you'll be in business.

    There are lots of patterns that will work, but I'd rather have a box with 2 or three patterns in many different sizes, weightings and colour combos than a box full of different patterns, but still come up short the day the fish go from eating size 6 minnows one minute to hand size bream the next.
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