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    The Biggest Fly Fishing Fly in the World, that can actually be cast with a fly rod

    On the 24th of September 2010, StreamX made history by hosting the creation of the biggest fly in the world, a fly of 2,2 meters long, that's 7.2 feet or 86.6 inches.

    The fly was tied by Denton Ingham-Brown (a.k.a. Captain DDD) using a hook made by Craig Thom from an old car aerial. The material for the body was provided by Fishient (Just add h2o).

    Here is a video of Tim Rolston having a go.

    Should you be aware of anything bigger, let us know. If not have a go at beating our record.

    More details & pics at

    Picture credits - Dee Mills
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    Ed Herbst micro-fly cabin fever..
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    Ha ha classic!!
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    I just want to say a huge thanks to Craig and the guys for hosting another Stream X epic. They went the xtra mile to ensure the whole family had fun, from wives to kids. Tim had us all in stitches with his fly tying and if only I didn't have the second FREE boston draught, I would have remembered the stunning tying tips he gave us. Ed was magnificent, as for Denton,....I speak for myself when I say I wish for a hook that long, as I always run out of space
    I had to leave before the fly was finished, but as I said, what a nice day.
    Thanks again Craig for making our day such a pleasure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris williams View Post
    Ed Herbst micro-fly cabin fever..
    it was tied in the same vice as Eds softhackles earlier in the day

    Jvice size 28 to 28/0

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