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Thread: Hermanus is HOT

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    Hi Mike

    Is the mouth still open ?



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    Hi Pierre

    I don't think so. I didn't actually go to the mouth, but there was no movement of water in or out up where I was fishing.

    I went back with my kayak this Tues morning and got a few Elf up at Elf Point. I didn't find the Garrick this time, but I did see a few large fish chasing baitfish, but always out of casting range. (mostly on the other side of the channel)

    Incidentally, the first Elf I caught spat out a few baitfish and they were much smaller than I expected. 1-2 inches only. That's maybe the reason we've had far better success with smaller, sparse flies than big bulky ones.

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    Its been closed for a while now and it wont rain till Easter!
    It always rains at Easter.
    Charles Thomas

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