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Thread: A taste of my home waters

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    Default A taste of my home waters

    Just arrived back in Sydney from a month or so in Somerset West. I did a bit of fishing in the Cape and had some success but it's always tough when you're not fishing in the familiar waters of your backyard. So I had a case of pent-up demand

    After a day of getting reacquainted with my girls I hit the Harbour next morning.

    The launch ramp is five minutes drive from where I live - convenient and Middle Harbour is pretty even on a grey day:

    It's about 10 minutes ride to the Heads, with a reminder along the way that a days fishing beats the crap out of anything involving traffic:

    Poked the nose of the boat outside - okay but a bit more chop than I prefer for flyfishing while still in a state of severe jetlag:

    Headed back inside in the direction of the Opera House. I started with an 8wt that I built myself for Christmas while in Somerset West hoping to blood it at Blakes - but it came home on the plane still a virgin. Things were about to change:

    Part II to follow
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    you've set the scene.... now share the action, pleeze...

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    Took a while to get back into the rhythm - tried my usual flies (small candies) and steady retrieve for several casts and got nothing. Tried a flipper - they boiled around it but refused. Put aside habits of the past winter season and put thinking cap on ... okay they are feeding very energetically and action is dispersed over wide area ... fish warping from one boil up to the next ... figured they must be on slightly bigger bait than usual so enough reward to make them willing to chase down individual food items rather than balling them up. Tied on a bigger #2/0 candy and switched to two-handed fast retrieve >>>> ZAGGGERR!!

    First fish on a new rod is always worthy of a more classic pose:

    Fished them for half an hour or so and boated several of these sporty little bonito.

    Then felt the need for variety and moved further up the Harbour. Soon found some different looking activity - more splashy and more sustained in one area. In went the fly - on before I could start the retrieve

    Now that things were clearly "blooded" I decided to put the 8wt away and pull out the 2wt

    Part III to follow
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    The highest form of existence is play.

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    Thanks for sharing...

    Hope you have a lot of fun on that 8wt
    Gerhard Delport

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    Mid-morning the wind dropped so for some serious fun out comes the 2wt - okay it's more of 3wt and I certainly use it with a 3wt line. Covering some boils produces a solid hookup - gotta let it run cause now I'm protecting 6lb tippet instead of 14lb before. I have no idea what's on the other end but this end it's definitely backing!!!

    A little while later things are under control and there is enough time between runs for a bit of showing off:

    Then comes some serious deep diving and I'm starting to think typical of an aussie salmon (kahawai):

    After a few minutes of this up and down game we have some coulour:

    And sure enough, right here in the very height of summer, it's one of our winter species - not really a salmon, but a species of perch and tastes exceedingly crap, but old inaccurate names are hard to dislodge and who cares because they have astonishing stamina and fight like little demons regardless:

    A couple more salmon boated and another nice tailor (which you know more affectionately as elf):

    This one was going to go back in but he gave me a bit of lip - so I invited him home for dinner:

    That's all for now folks - almost time for dinner
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    Howzit William, glad you're having fun in Sydney still, I've heard the fishing has been going off of late.

    The picture of the bridge with the traffic going across - I can see the house I lived in for 3 years. Cool.

    Well done on christening the new rod

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    All's good Jonno - you've obviously moved to MUCH better fishing over there but old Sydney still has her charms
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    Very lucky to have such good fishing on your doorstep.
    Korrie Broos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korrie View Post
    Very lucky to have such good fishing on your doorstep.
    Korrie. SAA and Qantas do a code share on the Sydney route. Although I prefer Singapore Air cause the hosties are mesmerising
    The highest form of existence is play.

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    Nice report William! Must make a plan to visit the eastern shores this year.
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