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Thread: Injisuthi - Take 2

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    I will give it a bash and if I dont have success, I might get some outside help. Unless of course any of you gentlemen are around there at that time?
    I want to go back again to the Bushmans, just waiting for an opening. If it so happens that I am there within the next couple of weekends, I will let you know as I have no problem fishing the Bushmans with you or any other river in the area for that matter.

    Ask Wazzy man, he will join you no problem. He is big on guiding these days.

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    Some really awesome pics on his thread, love it. Those small trout always look so perfect with their colourings.

    In terms of underwater cameras check out the panasonic lumix
    I have two of these (one an older model) and the picture quality is amazing. One of the models even has a built in GPS so that you can geo reference your photos. Also indestructable.Video quality is also good as it takes HD video. I have a decent digital SLR and a video camera and I find this takes better picture and video than both of these.

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    Ja no thanks for the report hey great stuff and pics!
    Gerrit Viljoen

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