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Thread: Returning home from Abu Dhabi

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    Hi All.
    I have been out of SA for almost 5 years, I will be returning back to SA from Abu Dhabi very soon and it seems like I will have to try a new style of fishing since the only fishing I have done is from the ocean shores of the UAE and there is no ocean shores in Joburg. I am keen on learning how to do fly fishing, so I am hoping that I can get some good advice and be guided in the right direction. I was given the link to this forum by someone on a forum in the UAE. I look forward to getting started soon.

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    Hi Ryan, welcome to Fly Talk....its beefybovril from Dubai. Search info about fishing for yellows in the vaal, trout in Dullstroom and of course bass and barbel all over the place. I am sure there will be many people here who can help you out, but always use the search function first as there is a wealth of info. about everything you can think of.

    Good luck....I am very envious of you in many ways returning home


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    Thanks beefybovril. Looks like there is more than i thought there was in SA.


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