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Thread: Kenya and environs salt options

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    Default Kenya and environs salt options

    I will be in Kenya for the next few months. Though based in Nairobi, I hope to get to the coast a few times. Know there is much info on the web, but most cater for ofshore billfish etc (not really my scene and the prices quoted is dear). I also only have my 9 weight with me. I hope that I can get some good shorebase fishing even if they will be smaller (anything bigger than a juvenile breede leerie will get me very excited..).
    I hope anyone can give me some first hand experience of places to go, or some contacts. Any advise will be much apreciated.

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    Hello Adriaan...

    Kenya is awesome, and dont worry about the offshore as this is not the "right" season for it due to the Kusi winds (Southerly blowing East African Monsoon). Have fished Kenya a couple times - more offshore than onshore.

    From Nairobi, some options at Diani beach (fly to Mombasa) where there is a coral reef about 700m offshore. An easy paddle in a kayak, jump onto the coral and fish for Triggers, little kingfish, Barracuda, and tons of other fish. Perfect for a 9wt option. Diani is probably the easiest access.

    The other spots will involve a flight as well as a relatively long transfer by taxi. You can also fly to Malindi, and then transfer to Watamu (Hemmingways/Ocean Sports). Have not fished onshore here, but there are some steepish small cliffs that should provide comfortable shore based fishing. If you have done shore based fishing in Mauritius, then the conditions here are very similar.

    Since the big boats are not quite an option, try to charter a dhow or small motorised boat that will get you over the coral reef or onto it. This should be much cheaper and with the abundance of fish, it should be fun.

    Standard clousers, poppers and baitfish patterns should do the trick. AND, dont forget the Salty Bugger.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Sudesh,
    That helps a lot, looks like a nice place spending a long weekend away from Nairobi, planning to go soon, will post back how it went..
    Any further advise re locations very welcome.


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