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Thread: SAGE Xi2 vs Xi3

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    Default SAGE Xi2 vs Xi3

    Anyone out there with comparative experience of both these rods, in 10wt and bigger?

    I have used the 12wt Xi12 offshore once and not again - it is a very disappointing 'pulling' rod, the GLX Loomis is better. With all the claims being made by most top end manufacturers recently with regards to rods being "25% stronger and 25% lighter, etc" it seems that they all used the new 3M Matrix resin in their rods.

    I am keen to get a couple of blanks to build, looking at the 12 and 14wt. Casting ability is not the primary requirement.

    Any experience and opinions, or is it still much the same noodle?

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    I have heard from people who have fished both that the Xi3 is streaks ahead of the Xi2. I haven't tried it, but the guys here at Ocean Active have fished and stock both and this is what they say.

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    Cool Wanted: 2nd-hand 12 wt Sage, G Loomis or similar

    Any more news about that Sage Xi2 vs Xi3 performance? Or the new G Loomis NRX ("The ugly one" - hope that term sticks!). I am looking for a second-hand 12 wt outfit - Sage Xi2 or G Loomis Cross-current or similar. Anybody tired of theirs? Pse drop me a PM


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