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Thread: 8-weight shootout

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    Hey Mike,

    Mostly my 5- and 7-weight TFO Jim Teenys which I find are quite a bit more forgiving. I also fish the Xplorer Guide 2, Stealth Deep Red, Daiwa Triforce but these are much slower rods.

    Dont get me wrong, once I had figured that BVK out it was incredible but it felt like stepping up to a slightly different league. It was similar to some top ends rods I have fished before.

    So that I don't derail this thread I will post some further info on the intermediate line thread regarding the Little Tunny line.
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    I can vouch for the BVK 8.

    Just returned from Christmas Island. It blows 15 - 20 kn every day. regular as clockwork. Have just taken delivery of 7, 8 and 9wt BVK's and this was a perfect place to test them, as well as a TiCrx 8. The 8 BVK was awesome...punched right into that wind 30 - 40ft accurately with a soft landing so the bones were not spooked - I am not the worlds best caster but this thing makes it so easy.

    Was expecting the run the new BVK reels on them but they were held up in customs and I had to go with 375 which in itself was perfect for the job - smooth drag for the duration and the 99 bones I got as well as a host of other species.

    The 7 as expected was a bit light for the breeze but when it backed off was a dream on the bones.

    You cannot go past the BVK 8 - it is an awesome rod.


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