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Thread: 2x LM Slaughter

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtayl13 View Post
    Just Noticed something in the May edition of Stywe Lyne. They have an article on provincial anglin ledgislation. I t has size and bag limits for certain fish including

    Largemouth Yellowfish Labeobarbus kimberlyensis Minimum size 300mm No bag limit.

    Now I must admit this seriously pi$$es me off. How can we expect to protect our yellows when something like this is published.

    It then continues with

    Clanwilliam Yellowfish Labeobarbus capensis 400mm no bag limit.

    That's worrying, and I definitely think they have their facts wrong!!
    Plus...they, as conservation-minded anglers (??) and publishers of an angling magazine should not even print that. They should be advocating the practice of catch-and-release on these species!
    I'm gonna e-mail them as well. I suggest you guys do it too, and voice your opinions.

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    quickly reading through this, clearly there are a few opinions etc etc...and a lot of warra warra..

    In summary:

    I dont care if it was the Queen Mother that caught and killed those fish...

    At the end of the day, two superb largies were killed for the oke that caught those fish and allowed them to a Class Act Classic I will vloek the person involved and behind this carnage....even if he used barbless hooks or weighless pap...fek him, he should have looked after those stunning fish...

    Still makes my blood boil...again...@$@## to that oke that caught those fish..@#$%@$#%@$#%@$#%@$#%@$#
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    She was a passinate fly fisher and always did her best to promote our wonderful sport. She did like to keep a few for the pot though
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholas View Post
    She was a passinate fly fisher and always did her best to promote our wonderful sport. She did like to keep a few for the pot though

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