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Thread: Fish Kill below Vaal Dam wall

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    Stones, any news on who caused this catastrophe ?

    Catastrophe is not too strog a word. There were pristine waters below the dam and above the Barrage where Stoneflies were proliferent, at their time.

    There are no Stoneflies, chartreuse caddis larvea, and very few other "goggas" to be found under the rocks.

    The fishing was always hard, ( which is what made it special ), but now I fear there are so few fish left that getting one ( sm )in the net is close on impossble.
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    South Africa is a relative young country. Surely we are not the only country in the world with this specific problems (AMD, fertilizers etc.)

    What happened to the fish populations and general river health where the same thing happened in other countries for a longer period? Any examples? any ideas?

    For instance the Ganges River in India - The Mahseer dont seem to mind.

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    Hey Guys,

    All my information is on my thread - Yellowfish Proudly South African.

    But here is the reply from the minister, which is just a copy of the one I got back from Rand Water..........which I still don't agree totally with and sure something is not being said. As well as, I dont believe all the tests that could have been done, have been done. Why do these similarities represent the same of the ones found near Loskop, where AMD was very present?

    Still answers I am waiting for.....but the good news is that things are happening to an extent on the AMD treatement side.
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