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Thread: Am I the only fool ....

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    Always looking in all kinds of places for new alternative materials, but not to buy in bulk, if I have no choice, then maybe bulk, but then I will give some away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaunF View Post
    I'm still trying to understand why you are buying the stuff you are in the quantities you are buying it. What exactly are you planning to do with it all? I'm not sure a commercial fly tyer would even be buying such quantities of some of these items. Most of the things I've seen you post here are not really things I would typically use in any sort of quantities, so it would just sit and gather dust. Skins, pelts etc etc, I think one of a particular kind would be enough to last someone a lifetime. For instance, looking at something like a Hare's mask. I've been tying for quite a few years now, and regularly use this material, and yet I am still on my first one of each colour. My hackle capes look brand new, despite having used 100's of feathers. Its going to take many years before I need to replace even one of them. I do love searching for new materials and am always on the lookout, but I tend to only buy very small quantities of new materials, and then if I find I am using a them regularly, I bulk up on them.
    There are several reasons for buying in bulk;

    No shortage of material,
    Saves time - no wasting time visiting shops on a regular basis,
    Sometimes it is cheaper buying bulk than buying small,
    Additional material can be dyed into other colours,
    I need to stock a yacht with material lasting many years,
    There is always extra material to give away to others,

    I haven't done much of the latter as I yet have to organise and unpack most of the stuff purchased to date.
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