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Thread: The One that got away

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    Default The One that got away

    I was meaning to post this earlier, but no time!

    I thought the thread “The one that got away” would be appropriate for this post.

    Please understand that unfortunately I cannot give more specific info as I do not want to interfere or jeopardize the course of justice in the case – if there is any left in SA. As per normal, this story from a top tourist destination, did not even make the news.

    How much time do you spend thinking about a plan to get you out of a sticky situation when that situation finds you one day? A couple of weeks ago I had a call from mate of mine to go fish one of the KZN coastal parks for the day. Unfortunately work interfered in my fishing that day and I could not make the trip, but he decided to go as we often fish the area alone. I called him later that evening to hear how his day was, but no luck getting hold of him on his cell. Only much later did I get hold of him, as I was about to leave on a search mission. He phoned me from a borrowed phone as he had to spend the night up north to give more statements in the morning.

    This is what happened: As he started fishing early in the morning, there was only one group of conventional fisherman and two ‘subsistence types’ near them. He presumed that they were these guys’ gillies and proceeded to walk south where we normally fish the ledges. A couple of hours later he returned to get something from his car. By this time the other fisherman had left. When he got back onto the beach the two other fellows were right there, scratching in the rocks. As he came past they greeted him friendly- and this caused him to let down his guard. In hindsight these guys followed him up the beach for about 5km’s, probably looking him over.

    He walked south again to fish the pushing tide. An hour or so later as he changed flies, these guys somehow managed to get in under his guard. As they stepped up to him, one guy asked him for his fishing permit as they were from the Parks board. With the expected F – OFF reply one stepped forward and swung a khukuri (believe it or not, the genuine Ghurka version) at him. Thank ***, some quick reflexes and some discussion we had about possible incidents like this saved his live.

    He simply bailed over the ledge into the Zululand surf. With both guys above him hurling abuse and at least one knife at him, they demanded his bag or they will kill him. He managed to get his Simms waterproof backpack off, opened it, found his Glock and let off two shots, while treading water, at his assailants.

    At this they disappeared form sight; he managed to get out via a gully and went looking for the guys – mad as a snake by now. Needless to say, no trace.

    When he got hold of the Parks Board a little later, they brought the Anti-Poaching trackers and found one of the guys - left by his mate with a .40 slug in his leg. The attached pic shows one of the knives found by the trackers in a pool the next morning. They had a whole collection of knives, but that is also another story and part of the case against them.

    Pity these things happen, but great if you live to tell that tale and have at least been prepared to deal with the situation as best as possible. So make sure you have a plan, a flotation device, and whatever else you feel can save your life.

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    That's just f#$^ up!
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    Seems we will have to do F*&%^%T^ Risk Assesments before we go fishing as well

    What is a "khukuri" ?
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    What a f-up!!! Makes me mad as hell reading this.
    I know everything is always in hindsight...but he should have said "okay cool, come get the bag..."
    Then as they got close and could not run away as easily...popped both of them and dumped them in the ocean.
    End of need for reports, nothing.


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    Terrible business.

    Quote Originally Posted by troutmaster View Post
    What is a "khukuri" ?
    If my brittle memory serves me correctly its the knife used by the Gurkhas, Royal Infantry regiment. The knife in the pic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rory View Post
    Terrible business.
    If my brittle memory serves me correctly its the knife used by the Gurkhas, Royal Infantry regiment. The knife in the pic?
    You are spot on, it is a serious chopping tool. I have seen a big one used to 'behead' a bull with one stroke. The smaller ones are more for hand-to-hand combat, stabbing/disembowling the opponent - that's what made the Gurkhas feared fighters.

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    Hey guys!

    Ja its flippen bad when fishing alone, and you constantly have to look over your shoulder!!

    I always have my Leatherman closeby, but the more I think about it the more I want to take my 7mm Revolver with. To defend yourself with a knife is a skill you have to learn and its close contact, one miss and his knife kills you.

    So I think you guys have just convinced me to take my 7mm with.

    Rather safe than sorry!!

    Although Im one of the few young guys with military training, its doesnt make you invincible - especially if you dont have a gun. Just image fising with a R4 and a moerse 50 round magazine...

    Ill make one example and fishing will be very safe in future!!!

    Cheers guys - and be safe!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyGT View Post
    You are spot on, it is a serious chopping tool. I have seen a big one used to 'behead' a bull with one stroke. The smaller ones are more for hand-to-hand combat, stabbing/disembowling the opponent - that's what made the Gurkhas feared fighters.
    Made from tempered leaf springs. It is a serious weapon in the right hands!

    Incidentally, the same thing happened to a friend of mine at Rocky Bay, on the South Coast. he was attacked with a sharpened chisel and a toy gun. Luckily he was quick on the draw, and the assailant ended up in the sea. The guy got 12 years in prison for attempted murder and armed robbery, sentenced a year ago.

    Personally, I would have just put one in his head and let the receding tide do its job...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendier View Post
    That's just f#$^ up!
    Moes jy nie al in Pearth gewees het nie

    That is a terrible story, and I have often wondered about what you would do in such a situation, especialy when I have a client with me. I think two way radios could become a standard fishing feature soon.
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    Most times we do not fish alone, that's number one...and we have two-way walkie talkies. I also carry pepper-spray, and a knife. (No gun...if I do, I WILL shoot someone...)
    I'm considering a Tazer...shock the f(*^#(*&%# to near death.
    I suppose we can only do so much, be aware, and if we fish remote area's maybe employ a local or two to walk with you. They will happily "protect" you for R 100.00 a day.
    I's frikkin sad really!!!!

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