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  1. Michael
    Makes me want to pack up right now, book a flight, and go fish this river!! Awesome...what a beautiful piece of water.
  2. Kevin James
    Cheers Michael,
    Yep......this was a beauty of a place.
    I've just returned last night 17/10/10 from 2 weeks of this place and surroundings.
    BIG fish and some other pictures.
  3. Ryan
    From the picture...I get the feeling that's what the Vaal would like if it was clear.. Mike's right...pack your bags and leave.. OK!
  4. Kevin James
    I used to fish the Vaal often from about the mid 80's I guess.
    It was a beautiful piece of water....lots of clean water, established weedbeds and clear channels where you could cast at visibly feeding yellows.

    Haven't been back to the Vaal since leaving, but from what I hear, you can now catch cholera, dysentry and the occasional yellow <wink>

    Sad I guess......

    BTW Ryan, love your avatar mate!
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